Building Tomorrow's Workforce

Since 1985, Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc. (DESI), has provided innovative workforce-development solutions for at-need youth, dislocated workers, and adults throughout the United States. We have assisted tens of thousands of job seekers with their educational, training, and job-placement needs through various workforce-development contracts, including Job Corps center (JCC) operations and Outreach, Admissions, and Career Transition Services (OA/CTS).

Expect Something Dynamic

Dynamic Futures

Our program participants are part of our Dynamic Community. We provide them with the same level of professional development we provide our staff through tailored services.

Extreme Customer Service

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Continuous Improvement

We strive to make good programs great, to benefit our participants and the communities we serve. We are passionate about continued growth and innovation.

Providing World-class Services

DESI team members drive economic growth in the communities we serve by providing innovative, reliable workforce development and training solutions that result in a prepared talent pipeline positioned for tomorrow’s jobs. 


Outreach, Recruitment, and Enrollment  Services


Academics & Career Technical Training Skills


Life Skills Training, Mentorship


Soft Skills, Career Transition and Placement Services

Our Dynamic Leadership at DESI

Job Corps is open to ages 16 through 24 and requires hard work, focus, commitment, and motivation.  Job Corps graduates either enter the workforce or an apprenticeship, go on to higher education, or join the military.